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Heating & Cooling Frequently Asked Questions

Thermostat isn’t set to “Heat”, set above room temperature and/or battery is dead.

Electric at the unit is turned “off” or the access panel is off or not completely shut.

Furnace fan might be set to “on” versus “auto”.  Auto ensures the fan only operates when the burners are active & heating air.  “On” causes the fan to run continuously regardless if the burners are on or not.

Heat exchanger has overheated due to a dirty air filter.  Units can shut down prematurely for safety if the unit detects overheating.

For most, 30 to 90 days is a good average.  If you have pets, you may find the need to change the filter more often. 

Yes.  Restricted air flow can be caused by a dirty filter.  In some cases you’ll see ice on the outside unit.

Yes.   New units can be significantly more efficient and use less energy than one installed 10-15 years ago.

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