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Furnace Repair & Installation Services

Absolute Comfort Systems provides a comprehensive line of furnace services including repair, installation, & replacement. Having issues with your furnace or heating system?  Call us today at (616) 299-3448.

common issues / questions

Check Thermostat — make sure it’s set to “Heat” and check to see if yours uses batteries.

Check Circuit Breakers

Furnace Door — most have a safety switch when the door is removed. Make sure the door is shut correctly.

Inspect Seals on Duct Work – pumping heat into your attic isn’t the goal.

Seal Air Leaks – homes have numerous pipes & wires entering & leaving your home which should be sealed up.

Lower Your Thermostat — just a few degrees will change your monthly gas bill.

Hot Water Setting – consider lowering the temperature a few degrees & your gas usage will reduce.

Change Filter – it’s likely the number one reason furnace break downs occur.  And, your unit loves air flow.

Weather stripping — check your external doors for daylight.

Check Insulation — doesn’t really matter how good your furnace works if your home doesn’t have enough insulation.

Burner — where the gas mixes with air and is burned producing heat.

Heat Exchanger – set of coils or tubes looped through the air flow inside the furnace which heats the air.

Blower — once the desired temperature is met, the blower relay is activated and the furnace begins spreading the heat through the duct work.

When you start up the furnace for the first time, it ‘s common to get a musty smell as the dust & debris burns away.

Furnace Repair - Absolute Comfort Systems in Belmont, Michigan

Furnace Repair

In Michigan, gas furnaces are the primary source of heat for most homeowners and they could be propane or natural gas.  Dan services brands like Ameristar, York, Ruud, Lennox, Goodman, as well as many others.

Furnace calls are generally “my heater isn’t working” or “my furnace isn’t coming on” or “unit sounds like it’s running but no heat ever comes out”.

Pilot lights and ignition problems are common and many times it’s just a simple process of cleaning dirt & dust which has accumlated by the igniter, a pilot assembly, or the burners.   Old or extremely clogged filters can cause the furnace’s heat exchanger to overheat and the furnace will never ignite the burners or will do so temporarily.

24/7 emergency service available, call us at (616) 299-3448.

emergency furnace services

Furnace Install - Absolute Comfort Systems

Furnace Installation

Absolute Comfort Systems also performs gas furnace installations for residential homeowners.  We can help you identify and install the best high-efficiency heating system based on your requirements.

Dan does all aspects of a new furnace installation including: selection & location of unit, duct work, drain lines, vent pipes, gas supply lines, and electrical connections.  We have years of experience retro-fitting duct work into your existing home.  Call us today at (616) 299-3448.

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Furnace Replacement

Does it feel like your furnace stops working every year or two?  Or maybe your energy bill is considerably more than your neighbors?

Furnance Replacement Guidelines:

Age of Your Furnace — if your unit is over 15 years old, you may want to consider a replacement.  Older units will simply have more repairs and at some point you’ll have to consider the overall value of the unit vs the expense.

Heating Bills — older furnaces are not as efficient as newer models and you burn lots of gas in Michigan winters.  

Frequent Repairs — older furnaces will (on average) require more repairs as they age.


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$20 Off Furnace Repair

Get $20 Off any Furnace Repair

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